DALLAS, TX — Marshall Career Service (MCS), the Fort Worth based leader in professional placements for twenty-six years, was presented the top individual awards for outstanding performance at the Metroplex Association of Personnel Consultants (MAPC) annual banquet on Friday, March 14, 2008, in Dallas, Texas.  The MAPC has membership throughout Dallas / Fort Worth, and is affiliated with the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants and the National Association of Personnel Services.

The MAPC presented awards in the Technical / Professional Division.  Second place went to Jim Ashworth, CPC, a multi-year award winner and Vice President at MCS.  Third place went to Steve Francisco, CPC, another multi-year award winner, Team Leader and MCS Senior Consultant.  Seventh place went to Tom Tollison, CPC, a third year recipient and MCS Senior Consultant.  Tenth place went to Scott Bender, CPC, who was also a third year recipient, Team Leader and MCS Senior Consultant.  Honorable Mention honors went to John Wozniewski, CPC, Tony Morris, CPC, Paul Verstraete, CPC, Dustin Harmon, CPC and Curtis Wall, CPC. Marshall Career Service has had consultants awarded in the top five for over a decade.

“I am really proud of our team,” says Rick Marshall, President of Marshall Career Service. “The MAPC has a long history of top producers within the industry, and it is exciting to see that our consultants continue to be recognized by our peers and clients as top producers within the professional placement industry.”