For nearly twenty years our privately held customer has been an industry leader in the field of multi fuel boiler-burners for commercial heating and industrial applications. We have been retained to replace their Director of Engineering who is nearing the start of a well earned retirement.

This position reports directly to the President and provides the technical input to the company’s capabilities on highly engineered orders and new products and is a key member of their executive team that sets thepolicy budgets, forecasts and direction for the company. The Director of Engineering is responsible for the Engineering, R & D, Service and Test departments and the 17 employees in this group, which include the department managers, R& D technicians, engineers, draft persons, and service technicians.

This position is a ‘prayer answer’ if you are looking for a role where you can truly make a difference in the company’s continual growth and reputation in their industry. The company’s smaller size offers the opportunity for more for more job satisfaction in the areas of independent work and department leadership. As the incumbent will stay through a transition period, this should be highly appealing to a candidate who is at the manager level and wants to move up.

An engineering degree, with eight to ten years experience inburner-boiler industry, the ability to work closely with customers and highly competent technical staff punches your ticket for unique opportunity. The rewards for this position include a competitive salary and benefits with an extremely lucrative bonus program.

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