mcs-certified-iconEngineering Manager – 6819 – CLOSED Marshall Career Service #SF6819

This specialty equipment manufacturer is exploding with growth.  This current boom is like nothing the company has ever experienced.  Current back log is at $50 MM and growing.  The engineering manager is responsible for organizing and setting up the engineering department -although company has been around for years, it is in the last two years this kind of growth has created a need for a superior engineering manager—and exposed organizational weaknesses that when set up properly will greatly increase the efficiency of the department and profitability of the company.  Successful candidates will have a mechanical engineering background, have experience setting up an engineering department, such as organizing a filing system (vaulting).  Must demonstrate great management ability, leadership, and a do what it takes mentality.  Company small enough for this manager to be technically hands on, but growing fast enough that a sharp, entrepreneurial engineer with the ability to work with customers and contribute meaningfully to company’s growth, will have an outstanding future.   Will pay above market salary, bonus, and benefits.  You will be both challenged and rewarded. SF 6819

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