Upfront Due Diligence

Our proven process is logical and straightforward. We save our client companies the hassle by anticipating their talent requirements and continually doing the research to identify and create relationships with the top talent in the marketplace. Annually, our staff conducts over 6,000 in-depth interviews with the North Texas area’s elite professionals. Our upfront due diligence enables our staff to make recommendations with the confidence that you would expect from your employment partner.

Candidate Screening and Profiling

In addition to creating a professional relationship with every candidate, we interview each one face-to-face an average of seven times before placement. This rigorous screening process enables us to have candidate intimacy. We dig deep to understand on the front end what often is not discovered until long after going to work. There is no one perfect candidate; our job is to reveal the pluses and the minuses to allow for an informed hiring decision.  Frequently, our employers want to hire at least two out of every three candidates we present for their opening.

Intense Client Interviews

MCS goes the extra mile to help our client companies throughout the hiring process by providing a distraction-free, controlled environment in which you can conduct your interviews. At the time of the interview, we provide you with detailed candidate profile reports that directly address the required skill set for your position. In addition, we guide you to ask the right questions to get the information you need to make the best hiring decision.

Follow Through

In your new employee’s first year, we conduct seven follow-up reviews to support a successful employee-employer relationship. At MCS, our past record of success has set a higher standard for hiring. Every element of our hiring process is based on one thing – Results. After a year, 95-percent of our placed candidates are either in the same position or have been promoted within the company – a success that far exceeds the industry average.