We are a Professional Placement Firm (with 41+ years of experience) focused on filling Leadership Roles within the areas of Manufacturing, Engineering, & Accounting – throughout DFW.

Don’t settle for traditional professional placement firm hiring methods. MCS offers you something more – something different – commanding the best talent to complement your needs. Our aggressive order-to-hire time frame averages 13.9 days,  giving us the most competitive time-to-hire in the industry. The difference is clear; we do the hard part of your hiring long before you even need our help. We understand that your success is directly linked to the experience and skill level of your employees, and we know how to help you achieve that perfect fit.(find out how we can help you hire the right employee)


We take the time to understand your business so that we can deliver the right job candidate for your company. As part of our process we come to your facility for a “client visit,” this 20-30 minute meeting is far more than a sales call; when we can “see it, smell it, hear and feel” your workspace we can greatly improve the accuracy of our candidate selection the first time.


We have the experience, instinct, expertise, and contacts to help you conceptualize your goals, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and to find the best “next step” on your career path. Our goal is to get you into a rewarding, long-term position.

Plan Your Next Move

Take the next step on your career path…Find for your next job in the areas of accounting, finance, human resources, engineering, manufacturing or operations.

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