We work with technically minded individuals that are exceptional at their jobs

Our “bread & butter” job placements are management positions on both sides of a manufacturing facility, from the plant floor to the executive suite. We also do a great job working with engineers, project managers, accountants, and other technically minded professionals


engineering job placements in Dallas and Fort Worth


We routinely make job placements in mechanical, structural, chemical, process, civil and frequently the “specialty” engineering positions. We also pride ourselves on our ability to identify talented engineers in the DFW marketplace. We recognize that engineers need a well-defined pathway to make any sort of change. Because of this, our process is such that each step is clearly defined along the way.

Accounting, Finance & Human Resources

In the infancy of Marshall Career Service, Inc. we worked hard to learn the nature of accounting, finance, and human resources positions. We identified that strategically minded professionals need a specific pathway to make their next career move. We have since become the DFW market leader with over 35 years of experience making strategic placements in accounting, finance and HR related positions. We serve entry-level positions in these disciplines and work up the succession ladder to executive levels.

accounting job placements, finance job placements, and human resources job placements
manufacturing and operations job placements

Manufacturing & Operations

We understand that manufacturing and operations transitions are often “team moves.” When a high-speed manager is such because of the team they have built around them; they frequently take their key players with them. We can quickly mend the voids when this happens.

We shine at team building. From a 30,000 ft view; we are able to strategically institute a Rockstar team that can plug in and hit the ground running.

We Serve a Few Markets With Exceptional Results

Our success depends on our commitment to personal service and building effective, long-term, relationships with our customers. For over 41 years we have focused our attention on job placements and providing great service in the DFW area. Our success strategy is “narrow focus, big return”.