Every resume that has ever come across my desk looks and reads the same. What does Marshall Career Service do to show its client companies the difference in a Marshall Career Service candidate?

All of our contact with the candidates we represent is conducted face to face in our office. These multiple interviews and evaluations are very detailed and through; our objective is to best understand the expertise, education and achievements of the people we see. All points of contact at MCS are engaged to evaluate each individual we see; our receptionist begins the process with 5 key first impression ratings. All of these ratings and assessments are included in our proprietary Candidate Profile built on each candidate we represent. Your selection and hiring decisions become easy, informed and most importantly, successful when you work with our team of professionals.

You specialize in working with companies in the North Texas area. Why do you not represent a nationwide clientele?

Simply put; it is hard to be everything to everybody. Dallas- Fort Worth and North Texas is a big area with many great companies calling this area home. Our success depends on our commitment to personal service and building effective relationships with our customers. For over 28 years we have focused our attention on providing great service right here in our own backyard. Our success strategy is “narrow focus, big return”.

It often takes 6 to 9 months or more to fill an important position in our company. If we were to use Marshall Career Service to help us find our key people; how long should it take?

The quick answer is right at 12 business days on average from time we start the search until the offer is accepted. The longer answer is we will work until our client is satisfied that we have found the right person to do their job. It is easy to see that our results are much different than an “industry norm”; what is not easy to see is how we do it. We welcome the chance to spend some time with you discussing your needs and sharing with you our approach. We’re Different is more than just a slogan at Marshall Career Service. We get results; guaranteed!.

As a job seeker I have responded to numerous ads and contacted the personnel departments of more companies than I care to mention. Why do people just not respond to emails and phone calls? What happened to common courtesy? Don’t companies care that they are hurting their reputation?

My best guess is that people see themselves as being “too busy” to respond to everyone. Not here at Marshall Career Service; I’m sure we miss occasionally, but our commitment is to get back to everyone that reaches us. Personal service is what separates us from our competition. It is our goal to get to know every professional making a living in the disciplines that we represent. If you feel your background and career interests fit our area of expertise, we welcome the chance to get to know you. Contact us; we will respond, guaranteed.

How can I find out what my background and skills are worth in the DFW market? Is this something your consultants can help me with? How do I stack up with others of similar experience?

Our staff is likely to be more informed than any source that you might consider. DFW and North Texas is the only area we work in; for over 29 years we have been representing the top talent this market has to offer. Thousands of successful people have trusted the staff at Marshall Career Service to help them in their careers. At the completion of a couple of interviews and personal evaluations we can easily show you your competitive value in this marketplace. More importantly we may be even be currently working on an assignment that fits your needs and interests. Give us a call to set an appointment to get started..